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So yes, I bought a second bike. The BMW is just great but I am now living in Morocco which means no rules and no restrictions related to there you can ride. Besides the country is full of small dirt roads. I tried some with the beemer but it is just to heavy especially when loaded with panniers and all. 
So after some thinking I decided to go for an enduro to make most of my stay in this fantastic country.
At first it was a strange feeling. more like a toy although a powerful one. 

Although I met quite a number of people riding enduro bikes in Casa the season is now over for summer as it is too hot so I had to tackle the tracks on my own.
Before doing that though I had a couple of hours training at the MX circuit in Dar Bouazza to get to know the machine and the basic skills required for off road riding.

Since the family went back to Hungary for the school holidays what else to do then to take the bike for a ride and gather some much needed experience. The first 30 minutes I was rather cautious but as time passed I started to enjoy it more and more and even had the energy to focus on body position and all. I spend around two hours discovering the track – or pistes – between Casa and Dar Bouazza and I loved every minute. The tracks vary from sand to stones to gravel and rocks so it is a good place to get some skills and of course to get your bearings since there are no signs in the countryside. 

The bike is fabulous. The 510cc engine just roars through every obstacle even at slow speed. I never thought I would enjoy it so much. So welcome the month of Ramadan since working hours end at 15.30 which gives plenty of opportunities to take the Husky for a spin on weekdays. Looking forward to it 🙂

Here is a small video of the first ride. Enjoy!

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