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On the last day of the year, I got permission from the family to head for a buggy ride in the desert. 
I met up with my guide at 1300 and we headed out of the city in a north-eastern direction. We soon left the tarmac and wondered through an unattached land. Our trip included speedy sections and well as some technical, slow bits but I enjoyed every second of it. 
The amazing thing is that small settlements are scattered through the stoney desert and even though the whole area is flat and wide, you seldom see them unless you are right in the village or when you arrive within reach of people. 
We got invited into a local’s house and ate bread with olive oil and drank mint tea. He didn’t even accept to get paid for it. This shows how sharing these people are even though they have close to nothing. 

I spent a great afternoon and will surely be back in the region to explore.

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