Off-road motorbike tours Morocco
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It was so easy to fall in love with this amazing place: Morocco. Being a biker for so many years, enjoying every second spent on my bike whether off-road or riding on tarmac, I realised that I would love to stay in Morocco and change my usual business-attire to something more comfortable and cool…The idea was amazingly well received by my family and so Wheels of Morocco was born!

After many discussions and advices, we decided to make (y)our life a ride and build a fantastic fleet of new BMW bikes. We were so excited and couldn’t wait for our new motorbikes to arrive! However we had so many things to accomplish to build the most amazing motorbike touring company in Africa:-) Its like our third child so we were ready to make the extra 100.000 miles to create a professional, well-working business model. Most of my life I was doing finances in huge multinational organisations, but still we had so much to learn about starting-up a business.

One thing we know now for sure: you can never stop learning and looking for the best practices and also ask for help if you don’t feel comfortable with something you have never done before. With our professional advisors all around the world we created an awesome webpage, founded our presence in the social media, streamlined our marketing strategy and in a few months we were ready to rock! The business has kicked-off so rapidly that we got our first few rental clients already in March and for May all our motorbikes were fully booked!

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  • However I was very keen on offering motorcycle tours in Morocco -how amazing it is to ride a bike for living- I have decided to learn as much as I can about how to best guide a motorbike tour, so in April I flew to Munich to join the BMW Motorrad International Tourguide Academy for an intense 7-days training which provided me such a great insight: not just the professionalism of BMW Motorrad Trainers, but also the extremely challenging taks to plan, coordinate and guide a tour for people with different culture, habits and preferences! I met great riders-soon-to-become ITA Tourguides, made amazing friendships and last but not least successfully completed the training which -I must admit-was one of the most challenging task in my life!

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