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Since I arrived to Morocco I only managed shorter rides mostly within the day. As we had a four-day roadshow planned for the management we decided with Jaime to go by motorbike. 
We left the office around 2.30pm on Tuesday and headed to Fes via smaller roads. After a short ride on the highway towards Mohammedia we turned towards Benslimane and in the direction of Rommani. The weather was great for the ride. The road was quite good with plenty of twist and turn. Our average speed was not excessive though as in Morocco you have to be aware at all times that you might find a surprise behind the next corner. This can come in the form of sheep, cows or kids wandering on the road or gravel covering the surface. 
We stopped for a quick bite in Sidi Bettache, a small village that consists of a couple of houses and a petrol station with people on donkey carts riding the small dirt roads. 

After a quick bite we rode in the direction of Rommani on small twisty roads. The countryside is green and beautiful this time of year as a result of the rain. We only stopped at the intersection where we had to decide whether we go towards Oulmes or Meknes. Although the road to Oulmes was more appealing we realised it would be dark before we would arrive and you do not want to ride on small roads after sunset. We therefore headed towards Khemisset and then took the highway. 

As the sun was setting quickly and the air was getting more chilly we pushed on and arrived in Fes around 7.00pm where we stopped for fuel before getting to the hotel. 
Even though we chose a slower and longer route we were still the first ones to arrive. We parked the bikes and headed for a shower before meeting the others at the bar. 
Dinner was served in the Moroccan restaurant. It was after midnight when we returned to our rooms for a well deserved rest.


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