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As my brother-in-law was visiting and it was school holiday, we decided to explore the southern part of Morocco, including the desert. 
The first day we drove to Marrakech to cut the trip to Ouarzazate in two. 
We left Casa in the afternoon and spent the night in the Palmeraie part of Kech. 

After a quiet nigh we headed for the Atlas mountains and the famous Tichka pass. The road itself is worth a visit. As it is the only direct route from Kech to Ouarzazate and the desert, it is used by tourist transports, trucks and all sort of vehicles. The twisty road climbs above 2200 meters and you have to count with an average speed of 40-50 km/h so prepare for about 3,5 hours of travel. 
We stopped twice along the way to stretch our legs and enjoy the sights, while providing a much needed break and walk for the dog. 

It was early afternoon by the time we arrived to the location of our second night 20km from Ouarzazate, a B&B ran by a French couple that is situated right by the lake with a breathtaking view, great hospitality and excellent food. At dinner we met a lovely French-Swedish family who had a son the same age as ours. The kids immediately hooked up and spent some great time together. 

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