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As mentioned in my previous post it is the month of Ramadan. Working hours are lower during that period since people have to fast for 17 hours which is hard enough with a sleep so even tougher if you have to put in 10-12 hours at the office. 
As for me this is a great opportunity to use the daylight available and take the bike for practice and fun around the city. 
Actually not more than 5km from the house the tracks begin so it’s easy to do 1,5-2 hours after work.
Now that I got some dirt miles under the belt I feel more confident so I can practise turns and other fun stuff and obviously get into the sand as there is plenty of it. The nice thing about Morocco is there are no restrictions. you just take your bike and go to the beach or wherever you like so that’s what I am doing. I also use the week ends to get off a bit and enjoy the weather and the tracks.

Stay safe 🙂

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