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The day started well: I ordered coffee to the room and set on the terrace of the hotel overlooking the city and the old medina watching as the sun was getting up and pushing the clouds away.

After breakfast we set off in convoy in the morning traffic through the city and the suburbs to visit our new distribution center. Following a short visit we spent the moring in a meeting room to discuss various business topics before leaving for a restaurant where we all had lunch under the sun. We parked the bikes outside the restaurant with all the luggage and gave 10dhs to a guy who stayed with the bikes during lunch.

We left Fes at around 3.00pm and took the motorway towards Oujda. We only stopped once for coffee and fuel.
During our trip to Fes we noticed that speed limits and other rules to not apply to motorbikes. Riding at 160-170 km/h the “gendarmes” would just stand on the side of the road and salute you. Our colleagues were not so fortunate though. Hicham passed us twice in his Audi but we caught up quickly on both occasions as he was soon stopped by police for speeding.

At the “pĂ©age” we met some members of our contraband team who organised our program for the next day and spent some time with them chatting and taking some pictures.


Once in Oujda I wanted to refuel to avoid the hassle next morning but as it turned out it is not so easy to find a petrol station in a city that is build primarilty on the contraband fuel form Algeria…
It was dark again and quite chilly by the time we arrived to the hotel where we parked the bikes just at the entrance. Although the sign reads 5* it was more a 3* standard but still OK after a long day.

We met the others at the bar later and it was again well after midnight when we got back to our rooms.

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