Off-road Motorcycle Training

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Off Road Motorbike Training Sessions

off road motorcycle training from wheels of morocco

Motorbike Training Programs

Level 1

Aimed at riders with little or no experience off-road. During this course you will learn to control and balance your bike, lift it up in case of a fall and you will gain significant clutch and slow speed control. We’ll teach you the emergency braking techniques with and without braking aids (ABS) and you will get an insight to safely tackle ascents and descents on loose terrain. PRICE: 250 EUR / day, plus motorcycle

Level 2

Aimed at riders with off-road experience or those who have advanced skills riding on road and have a good understanding of bike handling. We will show you advanced riding positions, advanced balancing and bike control and you will master downhill braking, tight turns off-road, technical hill climbs and bike recovery. You will also learn to ride in ruts and sand, which is a definite advantage on the rocky patches tracks and the Moroccan desert. PRICE: 250 EUR / day, plus motorcycle


Those of you who are interested in attending a training, contact us for a detailed quote and timing arrangements.