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On Sunday we took a rest day to explore the surroundings of Ouarzazate. Based on the advice of our hosts we headed to the Fint oasis, located south of the city. 
After about 20 minutes drive on dirt roads, a small sigh situated in the middle of nowhere indicated a to take a left following some tyre tracks. As we turned left we soon got stuck by the beauty of the place. Down in a ravine was an oasis sitting below the cliffs on the shores of a small river. 

We found a local guide within a minute (actually, he found us) who took us around the valley, showing us the old part of the settlement, the village, the crops, he created small camels from palm leaves for the kids, made us taste the dates fresh from the trees and even organised donkey rides for the kids. We had a couple of sandwiches and some mint tea in the only hotel, although around 1200 people live in the four villages on the riverbank.
Having spent the whole morning there, we then headed to the town of Ouarzazate to walk around and shop for souvenirs. 

After a stroll, we headed back to the B&B to relax by the pool and get some well deserved beer, before spending some time by the fire after dinner, preparing for our trip to the desert tomorrow. 

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