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I woke up early to take a walk with the dog and our host immediately served coffee and tea when he saw me. What a good surprise! 
After breakfast we put our stuff in the car and then headed for a long walk to a rock formation they call the monkey’s fingers (les doigts du singe). It took some time to find it as we did not bother hiring a guide so we spent around three hours in the valley, crossing the river plenty of times and taking different goat paths but finally found what we came for. It was a great morning. The air was fresh at the beginning but quickly warmed up. The dog enjoyed the freezing water and the long walk.

Having returned to the car, we headed further north on the road to climb on top of the twisting road section this canyon is famous for. The sight is amazing. We had a quick bite on top of the road in a hotel perched on the cliff, took some pictures and took the road to Ouarzazate where we spend the night at Les Tourmalines.

The next day we set off early as we had a long distance to cover to Casa with the first section that involves crossing the Atlas being particularly slow. We stopped several times on the way to stretch our legs and get some food, but still managed to get home by 1800.  

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