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I left the hotel around 9.30 and went straight to Malaga. As they promised the spare parts expert should be in and i was hoping to get lucky with my hand guard. 
Unfortunately they said the usual: no parts at the moment but they can order it… I didn’t believe it. It only costs 30 EUR but no one seems to have it on stock. after all it is a hand guard so it is bound to be damaged and eventually needs to be replaced…
Anyways I had a backup plan. Back home when I was planning my route I stumbled across the site of Hispania Tours who offer guided tours in Spain, Portugal and Morocco having their HQ in Malaga. They are also referred to as Touratech testers so I hoped I can get some aftermarket hand guards from TT. No luck their either. They are located at the industrial part of the city and quite hard to find but it is worth a visit. They are really nice people and although they do not actually sell TT parts I received plenty of advice about Spain and the routes to take while here (including Alto Velefique where I’ve already been). I checked out their tour bikes and chatted for a while before bidding farewell.
So I checked out Malaga on bike and rode around in the vicinity. I’ve also been to the Starbucks at the airport for a great coffee. 
Once back in Malaga dinner was at an Italian restaurant and then had ice cream on the beach. The evening’s highlight was the dance festival of retired British tourists in the bar 🙂


Daily data

Total mileage: 183.3 km
Total time on bike: 3h 02m
Average moving speed: 53 km/h
Max speed of the day: 149 km/h

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