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Departure was around 10.00 in the morning and I headed for Gibraltar. While stopping for a coffee at a petrol station a tour bus driver had a bad day and thought it’s best to pick a fight. Although there was like a square mile of free space he just had to stop next to my bike and when he opened the door the passengers couldn’t get our so he started screaming at me for parking the bike there. I tried to explain that we’d both be better off (let alone the tourists) if he’d just move a meter forward but he was reluctant and told me he has all the rights to park wherever as it is his country after all… So in order to solve the situation I just pushed the bike a bit back. So much for nice people. 
Even though the sun was shining it was quite windy on the motorway.
the entry to Gibraltar is a bit of a trouble and I was feeling lucky I am not sitting in the car as the queue was immense. Once through border control it struck me. We are in the UK. Even the weather knows it as the temperature was much colder than on the mainland. A mere 19 degrees and cloudy. But the cloud was only above the peninsula can you believe it?

The best thing is crossing the airfield on a motorbike. 🙂 Next (or first) stop was the parking just below the cable car. I took the ride up to see the scenery and the monkeys as everyone does. Funny creatures.


From there it was time to head to the Europa Point. It was nice but I just got off to take a couple of pics as the wind was blowing like hell. On the way back the GPS started to produce some really strange noise (screaming like a car alarm) so I stopped, took off the battery and restarted. It was fine afterwards.

Lunch was at the “Angry Friar” in the city. It was like anywhere in the UK. Just great. 🙂

The motorway to Cadiz is nice save for the guts that were a bit unpleasant. I arrived in Cadiz at 17.00. The city is just amazing. I found a small hotel in the city and a car park (stuffed with cars so I had to take the elevator with the bike to the first floor…). 
After a quick shower it was time for a city tour combined with a well deserved beer. I Skyped with my kids before dinner as restaurants do not open before 8.30 pm. Afterwards I watched the Champions League in an Irish bar with a couple of beers.


Daily data
Total mileage: 213.0 km
Total time on bike: 3h 00m
Average moving speed: 71 km/h
Max speed of the day: 134 km/h

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