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Today morning was surprisingly chilly. I mean by the standards I got used to in the last couple of days and obviously not the home standards where temperatures are still below zero during the night at this period of the year. It was 11.5 degrees and the air was rather humid.
I couldn’t leave before 8.00 as the campsite was still closed so I took my time to brew coffee and have a breakfast (bananas, cereal bars) before packing up.
I first took the highway towards Valencia but then decided to head for the small roads instead and take in the scenery. 


I arrived there around 2.00 pm. Traffic was at a peak (or perhaps just normal for Valencia) and I had to quickly adapt to the local driving habits. 
I found a hotel (NH Las Artes – not a cheap one this time at 80 EUR) but at least they had a parking and hot shower and I could wash some clothes.

Being quite early in the day I took bus no 35 and headed into the city in this lovely weather. It only took 15 minutes and was well worth it. The city centre is beautiful. I walked around in the area and obviously took the time to make pictures. 


I even found an electronics shop where I procured myself another USB cable for my hard drive to replace the one I lost. Well… I left it in the bag on the bus heading back to the hotel… 🙁
Today was 28 degrees and full sunshine. I set out to have a beer and coffee and look as people were living their everyday life. School apparently ends around 4.00 pm as I saw a lot of kids with schoolbags and some in uniforms. I noticed they must carry a huge amount of books as most of the bags were heavy and it apparently came into fashion for them to use rolling bags. They reminded me of my kids and I suddenly felt the urge to head back home to them. 
It was also strange to see the bus driver smoking cigarettes while driving but no one seemed to care. Here you have to waive at the bus if you want them to stop. They are all equipped with GPS and map on TV so it is easy to see where you are in the city. 
Good news about the hotel is that there is high speed wi-fi so I had no issues today to Skype with the family and also took the time to call a couple of friends and upload some pictures on social media sites 🙂
I could not check my business mails though as my password expired but that was least of my worries.
In the evening I found myself a pizzeria for my usual evening meal (guess what: pizza) and a couple of beers and I was lucky enough to see both Champions League games on show tonight (both Barca and Man. United).
Have a good night!

Daily data
Total mileage: 371.8 km
Total time on bike: 3h 35m
Average moving speed: 104 km/h
Max speed of the day: 178 km/h

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