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Must have been the large quantity of beer but I could not refrain from getting up for a pee at 4.00 in the morning. At first I did not fancy the idea I was so comfortable in my sleeping bag. But after 20 minutes of hesitation I finally gave up and surrendered to the call of nature. Did not wander far though. I didn’t have to as the whole campsite was empty. It’s a good thing being a man…:-)
I finally woke at 6.30 am. It was still dark when I started to make my morning coffee and had a couple of cereal bars for breakfast. 

I then took a shower to freshen up and was ready to move on at 8.00 am. The road was just amazing. A complete contradiction of the first two days when I mostly saw motorways and even better that the previous day when I started to get a feel of the small roads. But that was different. I headed in the direction of Lloret de Mar on the small coastal road and took in the scenery as it came. Weather was again excellent and the road was awesome. I took my time stopping for coffee or just to make pictures and was changing the SD cards and batteries in my helmet cam to ensure I won’t miss a bit of this sight. 


From there I headed to Barcelona and figured I’ll spend the night there. Although I managed to find a tourist info in the middle of the pedestrian zone they were unable to help me as they dis not have information on campsites.

So I decided to move on and aimed for Sitges which seemed a nice place and where my GPS showed a couple of campsites. I was hoping to avoid yesterday’s fate but was lucky as I found numerous sites that were open – even if it was still pre-season. I opted for a bungalow this time around as the price was just slightly higher than a spot for the tent. 

After refreshing I headed to town. I fueled up the bike and even went to a hairdresser!. Once back at my temporary home I gave the bike a check over only to see that everything is fine.
I then headed for the bar by the pool for dinner where I managed to have a taste of the “local pizza” and a couple of San Miguel beers. Unfortunately the Internet connection is very poor but that’ll do and at least I managed to see my kids on Skype which really made my day. 

For the rest of the night I went through the usual routines (copying the pics / videos, writing postcards, the blog/diary, etc.) then went to bed pretty early. 

Daily data
Total mileage: 327.3 km
Total time on bike: 5h 08m
Average moving speed: 62 km/h
Max speed of the day: 152 km/h

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