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Today I woke at 4.00 am! I just couldn’t sleep despite the fact that there was complete silence around the whole campsite. I just watched a movie in my tent. When the battery started to sun down I moved to the bathroom area and plugged it in then watched another one. In the meantime I brewed some coffee and had breakfast. Then, after first light I showered and packed up…and waited. The campsite opens at 9.00 so no one could let me out. Not mentioning that I still had to pay 🙂

Once out I went into Torre del Mar and had a nice breakfast, a coffee and bought a couple of postcards while enjoying the beautiful weather. 

I then headed to the BMW dealership in Malaga looking for the hand guard. No luck there. The guys told me that the responsible for spare parts will only be in on Monday. Until then they can not even provide information. 
So I continued towards Marbella where I arrived at noon. It was 31 degrees! I went to the port area along the beach and sat in for a beer. 

I immediately decided I will stay here for a rest. Next stop was the tourist office where two lovely Swedish girls tried to help me find a hotel. As they informed me there are no campsites around. I went to the hotel they recommended. Even though it was a bit luxurious (90 EUR + breakfast) I did not bother. As I had to wait at the reception they invited me for a free drink and I received an upgrade. 

Once I took my stuff in the room I showed and headed for the beach. I took a walk and had a beer in the shade. I then took a nap and took my time sorting my data (pics, diary, etc.) before exploring the old town on foot. 


In the evening I chatted with my kids on Skype and had dinner in a small restaurant. 
I asked to extend my stay at the hotel. as it turned out the receptionist was a Hungarian girl who lives there for more than 8 years. 
I then had a beer on the terrace of the bar before going to my room where I watched a movie on my laptop and went to sleep… In a real bed:-)

Daily data
Total mileage: 116.6 km
Total time on bike: 1h 39m
Average moving speed: 71 km/h
Max speed of the day: 133 km/h

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