Balkan Flare – day 15

The alarm was set to 7.20 am. We packed up and had breakfast before leaving the nice city of Sarajevo. We took the road heading to Mostar. the beginning was rather slow as there was a lot of traffic on the small and twisty road. We stopped for fuel and then for a coffee. The traffic was much less for the remainder of the road. The ride was excellent and the scenery amazing. We arrived to Mostar and parked the bikes near the old bridge where we walked. The centre is amazing. I can’t believe how much damage was made during the war. We had an ice cream and walked around. It was very hot which made us sweat in our biker gear. 


We then continued to the Croatian border. We stopped for some food and then tried to find our way based on the paper map since the GPS didn’t have the roads updated. At one point in the middle of nowhere the road was closed. We wanted to get to the motorway so we decided to go on despite the sign. The road seemed pretty okay compared to what we have experienced in Albania so what can go wrong? 

As it turned out we made a good decision. The road was indeed closed as they were demolishing the rocks but the guys were kind enough to let us through. Only 1.5 km of off-road riding and we were back on track. We reached the highway and pushed on for about 300 km before taking the turn towards the Plitvice lakes. We went straight to Camping Karona where we selected a nice spot close to the bar. We set up our tents and I prepared dinner for the two of us. Beans with sausages. I bought bread and beer at the local mini market to go with the food. We discussed the day and talked about the past two weeks. that is our last night away from home on Balkan Flare. 

After dinner we went to wash the dishes and have a shower. We met a Dutch and a German biker and chatted with them about bike trips for quite long time. Then we went to the bar for more beer and we took the opportunity to charge our electronic devices while we looked at the videos and pictures of the day. We retired to our tents just before midnight for our last night in a campsite. We did quite some mileage so we deserved a good sleep and luckily the weather was very mild. 

Daily trip data:

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