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Today was a great day from if I think about the ride but the beginning was rather frustrating. I woke up at 7.00 am having slept like a baby. Csabi told me he woke up every hour as it was raining but I didn’t notice. I made some coffee for both of us and started packing after a short breakfast. By 8.00 am I was ready. We still wanted to visit Deplhi before moving on but my mate still didn’t pack a single thing during the last hour. So I sat down and started to write my blog. It took him an hour to pack up and get ready which was enough to finish my post. As I dressed up to start the day’s journey he announced that he still has to go to the toilet so I took the bike to the reception. It took him 25 minutes to follow me. In the meantime I wanted to settle the accommodation fee but the morning employee was an old local who only spoke Greek. He asked me for the camping map I received yesterday which quoted a handwritten price. I explained that I threw it to the bin but he told me to go and get it otherwise we can’t leave. After a short argument I handed him the money and finally got my passport back so we were ready to leave. It was 9.30 am and I wasn’t pleased. two and a half hours to get ready?! I decided to skip the archaeological site. The road from the campsite was wonderful with plenty of turns and hairpins in a beautiful weather. After 6 km I had to stop and wait for about five minutes as Csabi was afraid of the switchbacks and made a mere 20 kph. Now I was really annoyed. I told him that he should keep up since I was already far below my usual pace in consideration for him but I am not willing to cross the Balkans at a snail’s pace. I offered him the option to take him to Igoumenitsa so he can take a ferry to Italy and go home on the motorway. 

We pushed on at a slow pace for about 60 km when I went down to the coast across villages to look for a place to have a coffee. We stopped in Erateini at a local bar and sat on the sun while sipping the cappuccino. I gave him some advice about cornering and how to ride confidently as he decided he wants to keep up. 

We took the small roads through the mountains and I must admit I was amazed by the beauty at some places. The quality was also great at the exception of the really small roads. We made plenty of videos with both cameras and while I tried to keep my pace reasonable Csabi did his best to follow so it was getting better. 

 We headed in the direction of Vonitsa as I saw a lighthouse on the map so it seemed a good spot to take a couple of pics. We rode all the way to the end of the peninsula only to find some old building and nothing else. We took some pics though as the view was beautiful as was the wildlife. An eagle flew just above us while turtles crossed the small road. 


Afterwards we continued to the west and we decided to scout for a place to eat. We crossed the see through and underwater tunnel and took off the main road just after to head into Preveza. We found a couple of bars and restaurants on the seaside so we parked the bikes and sat in for some food. We took two Souvlaki (plates and had some rest.  


From there on we just stopped once for fuel but continue on small roads while we kept the cameras going. We saw the second car accident on this trip and the second car that landed upside down. A small crowd gathered as they were trying to put the car back in position. We arrived quite early to Ioannina and were looking for accommodation. the center of town is wonderful so we rode around and we discovered a campground sign so we followed it and to our joy we found a camping in the city. While planning the trip we were searching for campsites in the area but found none and even the Garmin database doesn’t show any. 


It was the usual price (i.e. 22 EUR for two tents, two bikes and two people) so we signed in and went to look for a pitch to set up the tents. We were soon ready (ok, Csabi not so soon but he definitely made progress) and we went to the shop for beer and water. I made tea and coffee and we watched some of the videos made today. As there was no shortage of electric power we plugged in all we had to ensure everything is charged for the next bit that lay ahead 🙂

Tonight we’ll have minced hotpot from the “travellunch” package I brought and we’ll surely have a nice and quiet night at the lakeside even though it seems a bit more chilly than in the mountains yesterday…
Tomorrow we’ll cross to Macedonia. Good night!

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