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I set the alarm clock to 6.30 am as I wanted to upload the picture to the blog. Unfortunately there was no Internet yesterday so I tried again this morning and with some luck I managed to get some signal near the window of the hotel room. I prepared the posts and then we went for breakfast. I then took a walk to Starbucks to get some coffee. It was just after 9.00 am when we left the hotel Kapsis in Thessaloniki heading for the Meteoras. 

To be honest the hotel was a disappointment. The service was bad and the attitude even worse.
We first took the highway until Katerini and then turned uphill on the small roads. Both the roads and scenery were beautiful. At one point it started raining so we stopped at the side of the road to put on the rain suits.

Ten minutes later it stopped and temperatures started rising. As it was past noon we stopped at a taverna for lunch and took off the unnecessary clothing while closely monitoring the movement of the clouds. 


After a great Souvlaki we continued at a normal place enjoying the ride. We stopped to take some pictures on the top of a mountain when Csabi dropped his bike again. I was really angry this time as this was purely the result of his inner fear. We stopped on gravel and he was preoccupied not to lose his balance but it is exactly what happened.


Just before arriving to our destination it started to rain again so it was time for a stop. We dressed up again and the rain stopped within 5 minutes. By the time we arrived to Kalambaka it was 26 degrees yet again. We parked the bikes in the centre of town then headed to the tourist office. It was closed unfortunately but a kind lady helped us to a couple of brochures containing various accommodation. We sat in for a coffee and some water and discussed the options. We decided we’ll head to Pesion Arsenis as it had a picture of bikers. I called them and the owner promised a special treatment so we did the 2.5 km uphill and found the place sitting below the rocks. Kostas – the owner – was not lying. We got our rooms and there was parking for the bikes. 


We quickly changed into something more comfortable and went down to sit in the sunshine with some beer. At 7.00 pm dinner was ready – BBQ chicken with French fries, Greek salad and Tzatziki. The home made cakes served as desert were a treat. The choice was definitely a good one (I can only recommend it: www.arsenis-meteora.gr). I am now sitting below the Meteoras sipping my beer and finishing the blog update. 
Excellent day overall 🙂

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