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We are in the middle of the route planning process. Thanks to a lot of useful information (thanks Zoli, Orestis, Dimitris!) and some research we now have what seems to be a close to final route. I say close to final as things will come as they are and they can change anytime on the road. But let’s rather say that we have our goals and a frame for the whole trip and we are happy with it. Yesterday we managed to procure most of the maps in paper format (mostly freytag & berndt) in Ljubljana so it was time to start route planning – both on GPS and on standard maps. 
It seems we’ll follow the below route:
day 1: Home [HUN] – Sofia [BLG] (via Belgrade, Nis)
day 2: Sofia – Istanbul [TUR] (via Kazanlak)
day 3: rest in Istanbul (sightseeing)
day 4: Istanbul – Kavala [GRE]
day 5: Kavala – Thessaloniki (via Halkidiki)
day 6: Thessaloniki – Kastraki (via the Meteoras)
day 7: Kastraki – Amfissa (via Lamia)
day 8: Amfissa – Athens (via Delphi)
day 9: Rest day in Athens (possible rides around the area)
day 10: Athens – Ioannina (via Patras and Preveza)
day 11: Ioannina – Ohrid [MKD] (via Kalpaki, Neapoli, Psarades]
day 12: Ohrid – Fierze [ALB] (via Kichevo, Tetovo, Prozren [KOS])
day 13: Koman – Kotor [MNE] (after ferry from Fierze via Bar, Budva, Rijeka Crnojevica, Cetinje)
day 14: Kotor – Sarajevo [BIH] (via meganik mountains, Kapetanovo lake, Durmitor)
day 15: Sarajevo – Plitvice [HRO] (via Mostar)
day 16: Plitvice – Home [HUN]
This road was compiled based on the invaluable input from the above mentioned individuals. But as said before things might change as everything does in life so we are looking forward to it…

And yes, we know there is Google Earth but we prefer paper maps ­čÖé

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