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Life is just full of surprises. Yesterday evening I received a message on Facebook. Apparently my blog was forwarded to the sender by a friend of mine. He liked my latest plan and most importantly he has gone through this area several times already so he contacted me and offered help if I needed it even though we don’t even know each other. 
Although I am on FB I am not a daily user. I mainly use it to keep in touch with friends / colleagues in different countries. I never believed in meeting people through social media sites and usually refuse new connection from people I don’t know. But that was completely different. It really made my day (or evening for that matter). The gesture was everything! 
He was willing to share his experience and knowledge and offered help to someone he never met. 
I replied instantly and was more than happy to use his knowledge pool. Since then we have exchanged a lot of mails and he provided invaluable information. I never met him but looking at his profile, travels and pictures I felt / feel we have quite some things in common (hobbies, view of life, …) so I am really looking forward to meeting him. He must have a great heart a greater personality just based on this simple mail and the proposal to help a stranger. Thanks a lot! 
Köszi Zoli! I really appreciate it. 
Ride safe and keep the rubber down 🙂

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