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I always believed in the inner good of every person. Based on my experience people are generally helpful and if you are on a motorcycle for some reason you always bump into helpful men / women – no matter what the situation is. For example when I left my credit card at a petrol station in Italy a lady took the time and effort to bring it to the garage where I was even though she never met me before…
For the upcoming trip I used the Horizons Unlimited community to get some useful information about the road that lay ahead. I seldom did it in the past as I speak most of the languages in Western Europe and I knew I’ll find my way everywhere. This time I started gathering information as I never crossed the Balkans before. I have no experience in these countries and I do not speak the language either. I also wanted to make sure I (we) visit most of the places which are outstanding. I looked at various trip reports but local knowledge is always best. Once I sent out my mails the answers started to pour in. I am thankful to all of those who replied:
Pietro for Bosnia
Mony for Bulgaria
Veselin for Montenegro
Mladen and “Go beyond usual Tours” for Serbia and some other countries
Orestis and Dimitris for all the info and help for Greece.
No one for Turkey 🙂 as I didn’t get any replies from the three community members I contacted… I even skipped the route through Turkey due to lack of information and decided to spend the time in other countries.
All replies were most welcome and very useful but I must really highlight the Greek fellow motorbike riders and community members. They are outstanding. They were more than helpful with information on the whole country and even replied instantly any time I had additional questions. They are just great. They sorted out my accommodation and even booked time to meet me and ride together. They provided so much information and tips that the whole time I have wouldn’t be enough to visit all 🙂 I just can’t wait to meet them. 
Orestis, Dimitris, thanks again for the invaluable help! Looking forward to meeting you guys. Until then take care and ride safe.

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