Rent BMW GS in morocco for your motorbike tour
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Wisdom crew is our new series of posts to show you what we use for our trips. We will cover bike accessories, photo and video equipment, clothing, safety gear and everything we use on the bikes you will ride or what our tour-guides pack and use for their rides.

Note that we are not paid for any of these posts. Our choices and selection are based on experience, ease of use, practicality and safety. We always strive to use the best or most practical items. Choice is sometimes limited in Morocco in terms of availability of brands, which means there might be identical or better options on the market that we do not know about or can not get access to.

Some of the gear or items are supplied by our partners, but those partnerships reflect our choice for the product. We do not and will not partner with any brand or company if we would think their products are not the best in the specific segment and for our use in Morocco.

So stay tuned for our opinion on everything related to our rides, and potentially your ride with us ?

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