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I woke early yesterday. I slept really well even though it was windy throughout the night. I brewed some tea and prepared chocolate mousse for breakfast from the “Travellunch” stock I brought along. We packed our gear and were on our way just before 9.00 am. We didn’t need to hurry since we only had 150 km to ride to Thessaloniki. 
We took the small roads and stopped for coffee on the way. We picked a seaside village and went down to the marina to sit in the sun with our drinks. A young lady approached us as she saw our plates. It turned out she is also Hungarian and moved to Greece 3 years ago where they own once of the cafes with her husband. 

We stopped later on to take some pictures on the road. 

We arrived to Thessaloniki where I booked a hotel in the center. Luckily they had a parking so we didn’t have to worry about the bikes. 

After our arrival we quickly changed and headed for the swimming pool only to find out the door is closed. So we went to the reception where we met the most unfriendly people on this tour so far. They tried to explain that the pool is only open in the summer and I should have called prior to the on line booking to find out about it… No worries. We went back to the rooms to dress up and headed for the town. The are resemblances to Northern Africa based on the amount of trash and the smell on the streets. We walked around and went to the centre. We sat for a beer and chatted about the past days. It is worth noticing the amount of stray dogs wandering around.

Later on we went to a Tapas Bar and had a great dinner. First we wanted to sit outside so we can smoke but the waiter said we’d better sit in and he brought and ashtray. When Csabi asked him about the non smoking sign on the window he said: “well, this means no smoking, but… we are in Greece” and he smiled. 

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