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Yesterday was excellent. We woke up quite late and had coffee on the terrace. Orestis came up and we all walked for breakfast to Starbucks 🙂 before following our host on a guided tour in the neighbourhood. We went back to the flat just before noon to pack up and prepare to leave. Once ready we went to get the bikes from the garage. It was a strange thing to ride in a city without a helmet in short sleeves. We took our gear down and packed our gear then we followed Orestis. We headed for Cape Sounio among all the cars, scooters and motorbikes going to the beach on Sunday. The traffic was as usual in Greece but I really enjoyed it. We stopped on the way to take a couple of pictures and take in the beautiful scenery. 


It took about an hour to get to Sounio. We parked the bikes and went for a short walk to the cliff. the view is breathtaking and the road is excellent. It is must if you ride in the area. We sat for a beer and coffee and copied the helmet cam videos for Orestis before heading back. We still wanted to get to Delphi that day. 


We parted company with Orestis in Athens and followed our GPS on the small roads towards the Northwest. It didn’t take long before we stopped for fuel and immediately put on our rain jackets as we looked at the sky. It turned to be a wise decision as it soon started raining. The roads were slippery so we couldn’t keep a good pace hence we didn’t stop until about 20 miles before Delphi. 
The rain didn’t last long but dark clouds followed us on our way. We briefly stopped at Arachova as it is a wonderful settlement perched on the cliffs and we arrived to Delphi at around 18.30. 

We picked the first campsite we found (there are 3 apparently) and went looking for a spot to pitch our tents. Once ready we took a walk on the grounds and headed for the mini market to purchase some items for dinner. 

I cooked pasta with tomato sauce and meat while we chatted about the day and had a beer in front or the tents. We then watched the videos and pics of the day before actually retiring to our separate tents after a long but wonderful day.
Once again thanks to our great host Orestis and I hope to see you again mate!

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