Balkan Flare – day 16

We finally arrived home. Our last day was a bit tiring. We woke up around 7.00 am as it was getting a bit hot in the tent. The sun was up early and there were no clouds to cover the sky. 


We had coffee and cereal bars for breakfast and packed our gear for the last time on this trip. I didn’t really want it to finish but I was really looking forward to seeing my kids. I missed them a lot. 
First we went to the Plitvice lake park where we parked the bikes and walked to the entrance. We looked at the various options but none seemed appealing as the minimum track time was 2-3 hours. Even though we parked the bikes and left most of our stuff we still had our biker gear on which isn’t the best outfit for this type of activity. It was also getting pretty hot. So we sat at the bar for a coffee and decided to skip this and come back another time. We walked back to the bikes and headed home. We just stopped to take a couple of pics.


Our next stop was Karlovac where we refuelled the bikes and grabbed something to eat before taking the motorway. 
The road from there was event less and a bit boring. We were talking constantly on the intercom but from time to time I switched to music. 
The border crossing was easy. then we realised we are back in Hungary. We needed to but a sticker for the highway. The told us to park the bikes and walk to a stall on the other side of the motorway. That seems logical. After all people buy the sticker when they enter the country so why put the cabin on the exit side? Maybe I am picky but this is typical Hungarian. The next surprise is that you can’t pay with a credit card. Obvious. Everyone should have local currency or they can alternatively change at the horrendous rate they give you. We had to choose the latter as we didn’t have any forint. 
Anyways we bought the stickers and off we were. We stopped for fuel and coffee one more time on the way and we were home around 3.45 pm.
It was a real joy. As I entered the garage the kids were already there smiling and running for a hug and kiss. The feeling can’t be described. 
It was an excellent trip full of excitement, fun and adventure. We road on great roads, in potholes, on gravel and on whatever came to us. The bikes held the challenge. We rode a total of 5,867 km in 16 days through 11 countries.
I will let things sink in and then will try to summarise the experience and the best and worst moments. 
I am thankful to all who helped and to my family for letting me live this little dream of mine…

Daily trip data:

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