Balkan Flare – day 8

I woke up at 8.00 am which I thought was late but everyone else was still asleep… I did myself a coffee and sat on the rooftop terrace to write yesterday’s events. The others woke around 9.00 am. Once they got ready we walked to the nearby Starbucks for some breakfast and coffee. 

Our next stop was the Attica shopping mall to satisfy the desire for shopping and then we walked in the centre listening to the various street musicians on the way and enjoying the sunshine.


Around 2.00 pm we had another coffee in another Starbucks (yes, again as they have a special promo in Greece: buy one Mocha Frappuccino and get one free..) before heading to the Acropolis. The weather was more than nice. It was actually rather hot but we still walked up the steep hill only to find out that the site closes at 2.30 pm. I didn’t really mind since I already saw one and a half years ago but we had to be satisfied with the pictures taken from the rock nearby even though it was a challenge climbing up in flip-flops. 


On the way down we saw two small kids playing music and singing on the street. In the meantime I have sent a text message to Orestis and we agreed to meet at the Hard Rock Cafe where we planned to have a late lunch. After a good meal and a couple of beers we took a taxi home where we opened a bottle of wine brought by our host and chatted about almost everything. 

That was the first day we didn’t ride. I must say I miss the saddle 🙂 After finishing the wine we walked to a nearby supermarket to purchase some ingredients for the Hungarian Gulyás soup that was going to be for dinner tonight. Once back in the flat all of us took part in the preparation before sitting on the terrace again and chatting about various things and watching the sunset from the rooftop.

Dinner was served quite late but the food was great and we opened another bottle of red wine enjoying the beautiful view under the half moon. 
We got some advice from Orestis for tomorrow’s planned ride and bid goodnight to our host around 11.00 pm. 
Have a nice sleep 🙂
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