Day 19

We woke up early today. We drank a coffee and were chatting about while I was packing my gear. I followed his car until the ring road where we waved goodbye to each other.
I began my journey home. I had a goal for today. I wanted to make it to Touratech France (more than 600 km) to get me a pair of hand guards. I took the small roads even though I knew it will be a long day. I stopped from time to time for coffee and drinks and obviously to fill up the tank or even only to take a couple of pics and take in the views. 

I had lunch in a sandwich bar which I found in a small village but it was really great. Some of the roads I took today were beautiful even though in some cases wind was so harsh it made the riding uneasy.

I crossed many small place but people were always friendly no matter where I stopped. The weather was also on my side as temperature was between 23 and 28 degrees. 


I arrived to my destination (Touratech France in Orange) at 17.30. I still had half an hour before they closed so I took my time to look around. The place was huge and I could have bought a million things – except that I didn’t have the space to carry anything nor the money to buy them. I still purchased the hand guards, a Touratech bag and a couple of luggage straps as well. I thanked them and went to look for accommodation. As there were no campsites I opted for a hotel but it was not easy in this place. After an hour of driving around I returned to where I started from only to find an Ibis hotel next to the highway. I decided to give up any further search and took a room there.
For dinner I received a bloody duck but i was too hungry to bother. I killed it with a couple of beer and a whiskey before returning to my room for a Skype chat with my family. Tonight was the first time in 19 days that I even watched TV 🙂 

Daily data
Total mileage: 642.0 km
Total time on bike: 7h 21m
Average moving speed: 87 km/h
Max speed of the day: 160 km/h
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