Day 20

After a quick breakfast I packed my gear and was ready to leave at 8.00 BUT I started the day with a fall. Stupid me. I forgot to take the break lock off. What a rookie mistake. The bike was heavy so I was really sweating and swearing by the time I lifted it up. 


Like yesterday I took the small roads. My average speed was quite low as I headed towards Briancon on the twisty roads but the scenery made up for it. The roads were wonderful between the huge cliffs and in the small ravines often riding on the territory of national parks. 
I only stopped for one coffee the whole morning before the lunch break in Briancon. 

From there I took the national roads towards Torino (Turin) and from there on I took the motorway. Obviously I took the opportunity to have a latte macchiato every time I stopped. There was nothing worth mentioning on this road except the price. It is outrageously expensive. I paid a total of 17.60 EUR for the section between Torino and Milano. It took me over an hour to get around Milan as the whole tangenzionale (ring road) was blocked with traffic. I was lucky to be on a bike even though there were many like me. Traffic was very slow and busy from there on. Although I wanted to go further I decided to evade this madness and left the highway to head to the lago d’Iseo to find a place to sleep. I found a small hotel for a decent price and could even park my bike just in front so I decided to stay. It was just 6.00 pm so I thought I’d head down after a shower to explore this small town. It was lovely. I bought some souvenirs for my kids and sat out on a terrace to have a beer. I then went for a walk and took a couple of pics before heading back to the hotel and get my tools from the panniers. It was time to mount the hand guards. I was unlucky though. After I disassembled both sides and wanted to put on the new ones it turned out that the spacer rings they gave me were for another motorbike type… Back to square one. I therefore put back the old ones and headed for a dinner in a small restaurant. 


I’m going to bed quite early today as I know I’ll have some riding to do tomorrow. Good night!

Daily data
Total mileage: 565.2 km
Total time on bike: 6h 50m
Average moving speed: 83 km/h
Max speed of the day: 157 km/h
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