Day 21

I left the hotel at 8.20 for Austria. My first stop was at Riva del Garda where I had an excellent coffee (as usual in Italy) and bought a couple of stickers and postcards. The roads were again awesome. The weather was great and I was enjoying every moment of this casual ride.  

After Trento I took the highway for a short distance and then crossed the Dolomites to the north before entering Austria. Even though I had quite a distance to ride I wanted to stick to smaller and nicer roads as I knew tomorrow I’ll mostly do motorways. I crossed Lienz and headed for Turrach. 

I wanted to go through the Nockalmstrasse. I’ve been there 3 times but it was always closed. No better luck this time either. There was still snow up there so I couldn’t enter. 
Instead I took the road to the Turracher Hohe where we’ve just been on a company ski trip in February. Some of the slopes were still operational despite the relatively hot weather so I stopped again for coffee and took some pictures. 


After that I descended towards Murau as I have booked a room at my favourite biker hotel (Hotel Alpin – Murau) while on the road today. On the way down I had a small race with and F800 and an F650 GS but seemingly they weren’t brave enough – or maybe I was just too confident after the 8.5 thousand km I rode since leaving home. Anyways. I stopped at the bottom of the road for a drink and took the last stretch to the hotel. 
When I arrived the guys were waiting with a beer so we sat on the terrace for a chat before I took my gear to the room and had a shower. 
I had dinner in the hotel and some other beers with the guys before going to sleep.


Daily data
Total mileage: 521.1 km
Total time on bike: 6h 31m
Average moving speed: 80 km/h
Max speed of the day: 147 km/h
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