Day 14

Wake-up was at 8:45 am. Around 9 I had breakfast and went to the bank to sort out the ATM issues from yesterday – in van as the bank said they can’t do a thing about it so I should try again. I did as they told and as a result my account was debited with 100 EUR but the ATM did not give me the amount. After spending an hour with them I called my bank and sorted it out with them.

I wasn’t in a good mood and had little cash when I left for Sevilla. The trip was short and the weather was again on my side. 
After lunch in Sevilla I headed towards Marbella through Ronda (routes A-375, A-374 and A-397). The road from Ronda to Marbella was recommended by Hispania Tours in Malaga and it was really worth it. It was a beautiful ride and a great road. My computer showed again 36 degrees so I was happy to take a rest once in Marbella. I found a hotel and the first thing was a well deserved shower before sorting my stuff out before heading towards home tomorrow..

Daily data
Total mileage: 382.9 km
Total time on bike: 3h 03m
Average moving speed: 94 km/h
Max speed of the day: 156 km/h
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