Day 6

Today I left Valencia around 9.00 and headed inland towards Albacete. The road was wonderful. Small roads alongside riverbeds but I had to pay attention as in some places rocks were blocking part of the road. At one time I crossed a plane stretching for miles where the land was so flat one could not imagine there are hills on this planet. I sometimes stopped for a drink or coffee in small places where locals were always keen on starting a chat asking about the trip and where I come from. 


I had lunch in a small bar in Albacete and that proved fatal 🙂 
There must have been something wrong with the food or else. As I took south on more small roads I started to feel dizzy and weak. As a matter of fact I had to make three emergency stops on the way so I did not really enjoy the scenery nor the road. The bike felt heavy and I was in the middle of nowhere. Only small villages to be found but at least the weather was great – even too hot. I really felt I need somewhere to crash but opted to continue south.
Everything seemed too far away. I usually love sitting on the bike but that was different. I had fever and was not feeling OK. To add salt to injury I almost fell off the bike when I hit a duck at 90km/h on a straight road. The pair just walked in front of me. They were late noticing me and the second one choose a wrong flight path and I hit it directly with the right handlebar. The hit shook the bike so hard I almost came off it. I am lucky I had the hand guard but it broke in two as a result of the collision. I always thought these things are to protect in case of a fall and to cut off wind…

I headed for a place called Vera. 
The campsite was full and I did not find the other one they recommended so I pushed further. Once in Mojacar I couldn’t bother continuing. When I realised the campsite is full here as well I decided to get a hotel room. The room was expensive this being a holiday resort already buzzing with – mainly British – tourists. 

Staff was nice at the hotel but the room they gave me was on the other side of complex.

I took a hot bath (even though the temperatures were around 30 degrees outside) and took a pill to push down the fever. 
I then sorted my things out and headed for the bar where I had a light dinner and drank two whiskeys to kiss any potential bacteria in my stomach…
As usual I Skyped with the family and uploaded the pics to the Web then went to bed early. The room at least was very comfy and I fell asleep to the sound of the waves which made up a bit for the ill feeling I had.

Daily data
Total mileage: 499.2 km
Total time on bike: 6h 05m
Average moving speed: 82 km/h
Max speed of the day: 161 km/h
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