Balkan Flare – day 7

Yesterday was an excellent day overall. We woke up at 7.00 am to a beautiful view of the Meteoras. We packed our gear and went for breakfast. As our host Kostas would say: very special the best. In fact everything was “very special the best” for him. Great guy 🙂

We then headed up the hills to check some of the monasteries and take the usual tourist pictures. The weather was nice despite the forecast that showed rain for the day.

 A bit after 9.00 am we left for Lamia on the small roads. It was a great ride in great weather. a big part of the road just twists and turns among valleys and mountains so we switched on both headcams to make sure we don’t miss a moment. Just after Lamia we took the motorway towards Athens but a couple of miles later as the motorway passes the seaside we decided to look for a place to eat. We stopped at a cafe in Camena Vurla to enjoy the sea and sunshine and relax a bit since we were in no hurry. Originally we were due to arrive in Athens only on Saturday but we changed the schedule a bit and Orestis – our host in Athens – was kind enough to rearrange his to make sure we have a place to stay. So I didn’t want to arrive too early to make sure he doesn’t have to cut his day just for us. 


This part of the motorway is quite nice but it is still a motorway. We stopped for fuel on the way and arrived to our destination at 5.00 pm exactly as I discussed with Orestis. He was already waiting for us and helped us with our luggage then showed us our apartment. Excellent place with a rooftop garden that overlooks Athens. What else can anyone want? 🙂 We then took the bikes to a nearby garage and walked back for a well deserved shower. 

Orestis picked us up at 6.30 pm and took us for a tour of Athens. We walked in the neighbourhood and sat in for some local specialities (spinach and cheese pie) before taking the metro to the centre. We walked past the various sites and received some detailed guided tour while taking some pics on the way. 
We had dinner and some well deserved beers on the way home at a great and chatted about everything with our host. We walked home before midnight a bit knackered and longing for a bed but I enjoyed every bit of the day. 

Daily trip data:

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