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We all know that riding a motorcycle is a big thrill and great fun, yet a dangerous activity. In order to minimise exposure to injury we always ride with all the gear, all the time and so should you – especially if you join one of our guided tours. When it comes to motorcycle safety gear, a helmet is definitely on top of the list. You should choose a high-quality helmet to offer maximum comfort and protection and that will often come with a price tag, which might be daunting. Considering a helmet will potentially save your life, it is a price worth paying.

BMW helmet 2

Our guides use different helmets with two things in common. One being the high premium quality of protection and comfort and the other being the style. We spend long days on the bike and ride throughout the whole year so we opt for dual-sport style helmets that all boost a shield – a very useful feature in a sunny environment like Morocco.

Arai 1

There are multiple great and reliable helmet manufacturers out there and you are surely able to find the best fit for yourself – both in terms of protection and comfort. Have a look around and choose a helmet that fits with your riding habits and style, be it modular, full face helmet or a dual-sport helmet. Check the weight, safety features and standards it provides. One thing for sure: always wear your helmet 🙂

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