It is time for another trip. I was really looking forward to it but… first I had to take care of some business… As our market manager was leaving I was assigned to represent the Hungarian entity at a two-day workshop in Bratislava. The issue was that I already had the trip planned and we had our train tickets. The only choice I had was to go by bike since I won’t have the time nor the opportunity to get home to pick up the bike. 
Therefore I asked a colleague who’d join for the second day to take my gear in her car while I had to carefully pack a suit and business clothes in my panniers…
I left home at 8.45. I headed to one of our depots in Győr where I they offered me a nice – late – breakfast and a coffee while I tried not to disturb their daily work routine.
I stopped for fuel before the border and wanted to buy a highway sticker for Slovakia just to realise that bikes don’t need to pay the toll there. It is indeed a biker friendly country 🙂
It was 11.00 am when I arrived in front of the Carlton Blu hotel on my bike. It was extremely hot and I really didn’t look the part as the porter asked me if he could help. As I replied that I have a reservation in the hotel he bemusedly asked: “Here? Are you sure?”.
Once I got my room key at the reception he realised I wasn’t joking and immediately became friendly and helpful and offered to take my luggage (panniers). I later understood his surprise as a Bugatti Veyron rolled in front of the hotel…

I only had time to unpack and take shower before changing into business-like clothes and head down for the buffet lunch and the usual chit-chat.
The workshop started at 1.00 pm and lasted throughout the afternoon. Dinner was organised for the whole group and I didn’t manage to get to bed before 2.00 am as we hit the bar in the hotel that evening…

Daily data
Total mileage: 208.6 km
Max speed of the day: 177 km/h
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