Meeting in Vienna

I had little sleep… I woke at 6.00 am to pack up, have breakfast and prepare for the day. While packing I broke a key in the lock in one of the panniers… Great start 🙂
The day went by with the workshop which was interesting enough but I couldn’t wait to get on my bike and on the road…
I left the hotel in the heat at 4.30 pm. The others left from outside Budapest at 4.05 pm hence I didn’t have to hurry. 
We agreed to meet at the Louis shop in Vienna as John and Attila wanted to buy a Cardo comm set (i.e. they were the only ones not having any comms). Once they finished their shopping we set off to refuel and head to the railway station. Based on last year’s experience we headed straight to the platform and parked the bikes in front of the train. 

I went to pick up the tickets at the office and the process was a piece of cake (i.e. anyone wanting info on transporting motorbikes on a train in Austria should read the blog post dated 11/07/2009 and 12/07/2009). A couple of us then headed to get some supplies for the train journey and some dinner from the kebab stall at the station (actually excellent). We just waited at our bikes having a couple of beers and chatting around until it was time to embark.
This time we were a bit wiser though. We booked a 2-bed cabin with shower and toilet and another 4-bed cabin which was more spacious than the 6-bed couchette from last year. And the most important was that we had a shower this time and the ride was so much more comfortable.
We went to sleep quite early after a couple of beers…

Daily data
Total mileage: 96.5 km
Max speed of the day: 134 km/h

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