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Day 17

I had a nice breakfast in the hotel where the walls were full of pictures showing the owner in the company of Barcelona (Football Club) stars (Puyol, Guardiola, Valdes) when they were still much younger…Once I packed my gear I … Continue reading

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Day 16

The alarm sounded at 7.00. I had a good night – not counting that I had to get up two times as a side effect of the beer quantity I consumed – though it was pretty cold. As I left the … Continue reading

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Day 15

Today I woke up quite late for my standards and had a headache from the drinks I had yesterday. I spent some time to clean and pack my gear. I left Marbella to head North through Madrid. On the way I stopped in Malaga at … Continue reading

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Day 14

Wake-up was at 8:45 am. Around 9 I had breakfast and went to the bank to sort out the ATM issues from yesterday – in van as the bank said they can’t do a thing about it so I should try … Continue reading

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Day 13

In the morning it was time to go for a good coffee…guess where: Starbucks! As usual they had free wi-fi so I used the time to upload some pics. After that I took time to walk around the city (port … Continue reading

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