Day 13

In the morning it was time to go for a good coffee…guess where: Starbucks! As usual they had free wi-fi so I used the time to upload some pics. After that I took time to walk around the city (port area, Elevador de Santa Justa, …) and take some pictures. It’s been 8 years since I first came here and I liked it a lot.


After that it was time to pack and head to Cabo da Roca which was one of the PoIs I really wanted to see this being the most Western point of the continent’s dry-land. The road to the tip is magnificent. This is really a must see! I spent some time there to take pics and take in the scenery while also having a coffee before leaving for Faro where I planned to spend the night.


Before that I still had to do a detour…to BMW…in my quest for a hand guard. No luck there either. They had one but it was for the left side unfortunately so I moved on. I had lunch in a small restaurant with a couple of British bikers who were on a tour of Spain/Portugal having come down here with the ferry to Santander. We had a good chat before waving goodbye. I took the motorway for a short distance before moving to small roads. 
I must say that driving habits are just crazy in this country. People just drive wherever they want at incredible speeds in their low-value cars. No wonder why they have so many accidents. I wasn’t feeling comfortable I must say. I took my time though so it was dark by the time I made it it Faro. 
To be honest I expected a lot from this place but it didn’t leave a big impression. A small fishing place developed into a tourist resort… I found an inexpensive hotel near the port and headed straight for the shower. I then went for dinner in town but most of the places closed at 11.00 pm even though the receptionist told me life begins after midnight… I also tried to get some cash from the ATMs (I tried 5 different banks) but none of them worked which was a bit frustrating.
It was a mixed day. The first part was really wonderful but i shouldn’t have come to Faro that is for sure. But this is also an experience after all 🙂
Good night.

Daily data
Total mileage: 376.3 km
Total time on bike: 4h 16m
Average moving speed: 88 km/h
Max speed of the day: 148 km/h
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